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Eloqeye Graphic design | 'eyeconise' your brand message | Professional logo and business card designs for your business

What I'm offering
I take great pride in helping you achieve a personalized brandmark (logo design) for your business at affordable prices. You will also get different versions of your logo design to use in different situations. Your logo design will look remarkable when displayed on your website, business card, YouTube channel, or in any area you would like to raise your brand's awareness.
Eloqeye design mockups
Services and prices
Brandmark (logo) design
Letter and word marks
Pictorial and combination marks
Get a free business card design with your new custom-built business logo design that speaks volumes about your brand and the message it has to convey.
Business card design
Business card design only
Design and Vistaprint delivery (250 cards)
Do you already have a logo and need a stylish business card design? Let Eloqeye create something special for you.
Package design
£250 – £800
Let us create fitting designs for your product packages that will tell the story you want to tell about your product.
Flyers, Leaflets, Brochures
£30 – £120
Eloqeye also offers these design services with your message and design at the focus

What they are

Best times to use them


These are usually the initials of the company

Used when the company name is too long


These are usually just the name of the company

Used when the company name is short


These are icons of real life objects

Best used with tech companies and apps


Unique designs that are not icons of real world objects

These are great with all kinds of companies


These depict an image of a character

Great for family establishment


These are a combination of icon and company name

Great for all kinds of companies, especially new ones


Has both text and icon within an outlined area

Works well for sports and vintage brands

Let's hear a little bit about you
Now that you know a bit about us and what we do, let's hear a little about you or your business and how we can help you reach your design goals
My design process
1. Research
Understanding the client's business and their competitors within their industry.
Eloqeye design process Research
2. Plan
Plan the concepts of the logo, where it would be used, what it's about, the logo type, colours, and other aspects.
Eloqeye design process Plan
3. Sketch
Sketch out a few concepts by hand to get different ideas, and then work on the best designs.
Eloqeye design process Sketch
4. Create
Select the best concepts and create good designs in vector format.
Eloqeye design process Create
5. Presentation
Present a few finished designs to the client for their review and make any desired changes.
Eloqeye design process Presentation
6. Completion
Complete the design with multiple formats with guides to their use.
Eloqeye design process Completion
Contact info
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